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    2. WATCH: Metro Security Guard Caught Sniffing Woman's Hair in China

      By Barnaby Lofton, September 3, 2020

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      Like the Thin Man from Charlie’s Angels, a Shenzhen metro security officer was caught sniffing and touching hair from a female passenger on Sunday. 

      Shenzhen Metro responded to the incident, posting on their official Weibo account: 

      “At noon on the 29th, a video was posted online titled ‘A security officer sniffing a woman’s hair on Shenzhen Metro Line 3.’ We have started looking into the incident.

      After investigation, the video showed that a train security officer, surnamed Wu (male, 19 years old), was on duty on the Shenzhen Metro Line 3 train on the morning of August 26, 2020 when the above behavior occurred.

      At present, the personnel involved have been suspended and the police have been involved in the investigation.”

      Watch below as the security guard sniffs and toussles the woman’s hair on a crowded metro (VPN off): 

      While the bulk of comments were negative, surprisingly some neitzens sided with the young security guard by reasoning, “This is probably a habit...I also pulled my mother’s hair since I was a child.” 

      Others concluded that the lack of professionalism was due to his young age and that metro security guards are often hired temporarily. 

      One netizen commented, “They are not formal employees at all. The last time I took the subway on Shenzhen Line 5, a train safety officer stood next to me and chatted with me the whole time. I was so confused.” Some joked, “What brand of shampoo? How does it smell?” and “Masks, goggles, rubber gloves – protective measures are well done.”

      Admittedly, bizarre news regarding the Shenzhen Metro surfaces from time to time, as we learned in early August about an advertisement that read ‘Dad, When I Grow Up I want to Marry You’ was seen on Metro Line 1. The ad was later pulled following passenger complaints. 

      And last year, five men were arrested for filming and staging a bomb hoax. The group reportedly wanted to create a viral video, which clearly backfired.

      READ MORE: 'Dad, When I Grow Up I Want to Marry You' Ad Pulled from Shenzhen Metro

      [Cover image: screengrab via QQ]

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