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    2. China-Australia Tensions Flare Up After Graphic Tweet

      It's not been a great year for relations between these two nations...

      by Barnaby Lofton, 02 December 2020

      Is China Really Banning Australian Wine Imports?

      Australian wine, along with coal, barley, copper, sugar, lobster and timber will allegedly be banned.

      by Barnaby Lofton, 04 November 2020

      Singapore Lifts Quarantine Restrictions on Visitors from Chinese Mainland

      More countries are loosening restrictions on visitors from China.

      by Barnaby Lofton, 02 November 2020

      Self-Driving Bus Pilots in Shenzhen

      Passengers can swipe their palm to board as the vehicle is equipped with a 'palm print recognition system.'

      by Barnaby Lofton, 29 October 2020

      Free Dessert for DiDi Riders Until Saturday

      Redeem some cookies or cupcakes courtesy of Kempinski Hotels.

      by Barnaby Lofton, 29 October 2020

      Hong Kong Exempts Quarantine for Residents on the Chinese Mainland

      Hong Kong residents on the mainland may freely travel back to Hong Kong starting next month.

      by Barnaby Lofton, 28 October 2020

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