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    2. How to Prevent and Treat Snake Bites in China

      Your best game plan in case you encounter a sneaky snake.

      by Dr. Stephen Misch, 08 September 2020

      WATCH: 2-Meter Snakes Caught by Bare-Handed Guard in Shenzhen

      Avoid walking in bushes and forests and do not wear sandals or slippers when on a walk.

      by Rakini Bergundy, 08 May 2020

      Shaanxi Woman Left Brain Dead After Pet Snake Bite

      The highly venomous snake is listed in China as a protected rare and endangered species.

      by Jesse Pottinger, 20 July 2018

      Woman Bitten by Severed Cobra Head in South China

      The woman owns a restaurant with her husband that specializes in snake dishes – including ones that incorporate cobra meat.

      by Matthew Bossons, 20 September 2017

      Venomous Snake Under Shared Bike Seat Bites User in Guangzhou

      Give your next shared bike a good look over if you happen to find it near foliage.

      by Matthew Bossons, 14 September 2017

      Snakes Released in Buddhist Ritual Terrorize Guangzhou Residents

      The snakes may be coming from Buddhist rituals, in which captive animals are freed to generate good karma.

      by Jocelyn Richards, 06 July 2017

      Poisonous Snake Bites Toddler in Shenzhen

      Luckily, she'll live to tell the tale.

      by Bailey Hu, 02 May 2017

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