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    2. The Ultimate Guangzhou 2020 New Year's Party Guide

      It's the end of a year that we won't forget, so get out there and party at these awesome events.

      by That's Guangzhou, December 29, 2020

      New 'China Untold' Episode Explores the Myth of WWII's Missing Chinese Soldiers

      While MH370 may be the first China-related mass disappearance to come to mind, it might not be the earliest – or biggest.

      by That's, December 23, 2020

      China Reimagined as Zelda's Kingdom of Hyrule in New 'China Untold' Episode

      For this episode of the podcast, host Matthew Bossons has decided to do something a little different...

      by That's, December 22, 2020

      Indie Pop Singer Cacien Dishes the Spiciest Girl She Knows

      Cacien is a 21-year-old musician originally from Shenzhen whose jazzy pop sound and Y2K aesthetics have caught the attention of large music labels.

      by Phoebe Kut, December 10, 2020

      The Four Great Classics of Chinese Literature

      An introduction to China's four great classic novels.

      by Francesca Lewis, December 3, 2020

      The 7 Best Things to Do in Guangzhou this Weekend

      There is some fun stuff to do this weekend!

      by That's Guangzhou, November 27, 2020

      10 Chinese Movies You Should Watch at Least Once

      Skip firing up the ol' VPN and step up your Chinese film repertoire.

      by That's, October 19, 2020

      Spotlight: Zhao Chenxi, Founder of Fabric Porn

      His collections feature tongue-in-cheek pieces inspired by Chinese street culture, paired with Western silhouettes.

      by Phoebe Kut, October 19, 2020

      The 9 Best Things to Do Over National Day Holiday in Guangzhou

      Chilling in Canton for the holidays? We got you covered.

      by That's Guangzhou, September 29, 2020

      The 8 Best Things to do in Guangzhou This Week

      There's a variety.

      by That's, September 25, 2020

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