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    2. Guangzhou Restaurant Review: Lee's Diner

      Smack dab in the heart of Yuexiu district, Lee's Diner serves burgers, hot dogs and more for Guangzhou foodies.

      by That's Guangzhou, January 23, 2021

      The 5 Best Things to Do This Weekend in Guangzhou

      A few fun ways to spend your weekend in Canton.

      by That's, January 23, 2021

      The Logan R. Brouse Guide to F&B's Esoteric Lexicon

      Why didn’t you just call it a Rum & Coke?

      by Logan R. Brouse, January 22, 2021

      Foldable AR Smart Glasses That Fit in Your Pocket

      A personal, private 3D viewing experience.

      by That's Shenzhen, January 22, 2021

      6 Foreign Teachers Receive China's COVID-19 Vaccine

      Foreign teachers discuss why they took the vaccine.

      by Rakini Bergundy, January 21, 2021

      Hear Ridiculous Dating Stories and More on This China Podcast

      From first dates to worst dates, love to lust, and everything in between, DNC discusses dating in the Middle Kingdom.

      by That's, January 21, 2021

      COVID-19 Strain First Detected in UK Found in 2 Beijing Patients

      Two patients in Daxing district have tested positive for the B117 strain of COVID-19, a variant first detected in UK.

      by Alistair Baker-Brian, January 21, 2021

      What Is the HSK Exam and Why You Should Take It

      Stay motivated and discover new opportunities by taking the HSK.

      by Ilya Cheremnikh, January 21, 2021

      Banana Tour's Sissi Liu Shares Her Top Destinations in Guangdong

      We reached out to Liu to learn how she got Banana Tour off the ground and get some travel recommendations.

      by Ryan Gandolfo, January 20, 2021

      We Tried McDonald's Roujiamo & They Should Leave It to the Pros

      McDonald's recently released their version of the famous Shaanxi delicacy to the dismay of Chinese netizens.

      by Joshua Cawthorpe, January 19, 2021

      Beijing Changes Quarantine Policy... Again

      The capital has now adopted the '14+7+7' policy, with an extra seven days of 'health monitoring' required for overseas arrival.

      by Alistair Baker-Brian, January 19, 2021

      Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival and a Whole Lot More in Harbin

      What to see, taste and do in our guide to Harbin, China's ice city.

      by Sophie Steiner, January 19, 2021

      These are China’s Most 'Digitalized' Cities

      Are you surprised?

      by That's, January 18, 2021

      Traveling Over Spring Festival Might Not Be So Easy

      Many areas have tightened rules regarding quarantine and testing depending on where you travel from within the Chinese mainland.

      by Alistair Baker-Brian, January 15, 2021

      China Records First Coronavirus Death Since May as Cases Surge

      The country suffered its biggest daily jump in infections in more than 10 months

      by Ned Kelly, January 14, 2021

      This Day in History: Anna May Wong's Shanghai Express

      The first Chinese-American movie star's struggle for acceptance in the land of her ancestors.

      by Ned Kelly, January 14, 2021

      The Benefits of Biological Diversity in the City

      When you live in a big city, you never expect (at least to the untrained eye) to find a wide variety of animals.

      by Isaac Cohen, January 14, 2021

      Italian Gastronomia Presented by Chinserie Restaurant at Jumeirah Guangzhou

      Italian Gastronomia - presented by Chinserie Restaurant at Jumeirah Guangzhou

      by Sponsored, January 12, 2021

      Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou Partners with Audi and He Art Museum

      In partnership with Audi, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou launched a luxury room package valid from January 11 to February 1.

      by Sponsored, January 12, 2021

      International Students’ Quest to Return to China Amid Covid Crisis

      China is typically home to just under 500,000 international students annually.

      by Francesca Lewis, January 12, 2021

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