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    2. 12 Restaurants Received Michelin Stars in the 2020 Guangzhou Guide

      By That's Guangzhou, September 22, 2020

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      Despite the hard times that faced the F&B community in Guangzhou at the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, some of the city’s greatest dining destinations showed their resilience and were rewarded at the 2020 Michelin Guide Guangzhou press conference on Tuesday. 

      This is the third year that a Michelin Guide has been released for the great city of Guangzhou, a culinary capital that features Cantonese food as well as delectable cuisines around the world.

      With prestige and influence that can propel a restaurant to the top of the ranks, the Michelin Guide identifies the very best in regional dining, breaking down their picks into seven (including two new) categories this year: Three Star, Two Star, One Star, Bib Gourmand, Michelin Plate, Young Chef and Service Award.

      The big news this year is a new addition to the ‘Two Stars’ club, Imperial Treasure, making the leap from One Star last year. This year also marks the second consecutive year that Jiang by Chef Fei received Two Stars in the Michelin guide. 

      Following the press conference, held at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, Chef Fei shared with That’s how much the award means to him and his staff:

      “I feel very honored and happy to get two Michelin stars for the second time because it is very difficult and is re-evaluated every year. I hope we can continue to make efforts to receive a Michelin star. This year, due to the epidemic, everyone has had a difficult time, so I must continue to maintain a high standard for my team.”

      Below, we’ve gathered the list of winners from Michelin’s 2020 guide to Guangzhou, including many household names you’ll remember from the previous year, as well as some new (to the list, anyway) places to try in the months ahead.

      Two Stars

      Image by Lena Gidwani/That’s

      “Excellent cuisine, worth a detour.”

      Jiang by Chef Fei
      Imperial Treasure

      One Star

      Image by Lena Gidwani/That’s

      “High quality cooking, worth a stop.”

      Bing Sheng Mansion
      Bing Sheng Private Kitchen
      Famous Cuisine
      Jade River
      Lai Heen
      Lei Garden (Yuexiu)
      Wisca (Haizhu)
      Yu Yue Heen
      Lingnan House

      Young Chef Award

      Image by Lena Gidwani/That’s

      “Recognizes their personality and the identity of their culinary creations.”

      Chef Situ Jianquan, Lingnan House

      Service Award

      Image by Lena Gidwani/That’s

      “Making the restaurant visit a true experience.”

      Ms. Mao Xiaoxiang, BingSheng Private Kitchen

      Bib Gourmand Restaurants

      Image by Lena Gidwani/That’s

      “Fantastic cooking for RMB200 or less.”

      A Rui 
      Changlai Xiaoju (GTLand)
      Chuang Fa
      Da Ge Fan (Tangxiayong Xi Lu)
      Da Yang Jia
      Dayang (Wenming Lu)
      Dong Xing (Tianhe) 
      Ease Chinese Cuisine (289 Art Park) 
      Feitun Rougucha 
      Hai Men Yu Zi Dian (Yanling) 
      Jian Ji
      Stay Here (Kai Xiao Zao)
      Lao Xiguan Laifen (Wenming Lu)
      Liangjie Pumiao Shengzha Mifen
      Nan Yuan
      Pandan Indonesian Restaurant
      Tong Ji
      Wen Ji Yixinji
      Xiangqun (Longjin Dong Lu)
      Xiguan Popo Mian (Dezhen Zhong Lu)
      Xiguan Zhuyuan (Lizhiwan)
      Xiguan Zhiyuan (Shiba Fu)
      Xin Tai Le (Haizhu)
      Xin Tai Le (Yuexiu)
      Xing Fu Yi Zhan
      Wan Hin
      Zhu Zai Ji Shi Fu (Jiangnan Dadao)
      Ze 8

      Michelin Plate

      Image by Lena Gidwani/That’s

      “Good cooking. Fresh ingredients, capably prepared: simply a good meal.”

      Beiyuan Cuisine Dining Room
      Bingsheng Pin Wei (Dongxiao Lu)
      Dining Room 
      Dr. Xu's Wellbeing Branch
      E Gong Cun (Liwan)
      Ersha Yihao
      Five Zen5es 
      Flavors of China 
      Four Seasons Pavillion Duck
      Guangzhou Restaurant (Wenchang Nan Lu)
      Hai Yan Lou (Binjiang Dong Lu)  
      He Yuan (Tianhe) 
      Hongtu Hall 
      Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine
      LJ Yakiniku (New Tianhe Hotel)
      Lai Wan Market 
      Li Chateau 
      Liuhe Cha Ju
      Mango Tree
      Ming Court
      Peach Blossom
      Sky No. 1
      Slow Life Kitchen Elite
      Summer Palace
      Taozui Guan
      Thai Alley
      Tangshi Meishi
      Tao Ran Xuan
      The Penthouse
      Wen Jian
      Wisca (Yuexiu)
      Wu Cai Ji
      Xi Jing Jing
      Yuan Ji
      Yue Jing Xuan
      Yun Pavilion
      Zen Tea

      The list features 12 Michelin Star restaurants, adding one new eatery from last year’s guide. The guide also includes 31 Bib Gourmand restaurants and 46 Michelin Plate restaurants.

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      [Cover image provided by Michelin]

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