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    2. The 5 Best Things to Do This Weekend in Guangzhou

      By That's, January 23, 2021

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      That’s Guangzhou takes a look at the best of the weekend:

      Jan 23: Silent Disco

      This Saturday in a feat of epicness unmatched by any others, Goat presents a silent disco for all the ‘dancy’ folks in Canton. Come out and enjoy throwing down some epic moves in a silent room.

      Jan 23. The Goat.

      Jan 23: Chill Vibes 


      Relax, eat pizza and enjoy the moment with great jams provided by C-moon.

      Jan 23. Brasston.

      Jan 23: Internation’s Russian Party


      Russia is a culturally rich country with the largest territory in the world, so why not take the opportunity to get together at InterNations’ Welcome to Russia and enjoy Saturday night by having a delicious dinner and mingling with other expats at Katusha.

      Jan 23. Katuska.

      Jan 24: Chinese Movie Night

      Come and watch this upcoming Chinese comedy movie and learn about Chinese humor from host Jerry. Enjoy the movie with a complimentary cup of mulled wine (with ticket purchase).

      Jan 24. Triple Rooster.

      Jan 24: UFC Fight

      Come out to your favorite bar or restaurant and enjoy the UFC fight this Sunday. Watching people get hit in the face is kind of a pastime, so come out early Sunday morning for brunch and violence. Check out the venues below which will be showing the fight or simply call your local spot ahead to see if the fight will be shown.

      Jan 24. 13Factories. Morgan’s. Hooley’s. The Goat. 

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      [Cover image via Pexels]

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