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    2. 3 New Winter Menus To Warm Your Shanghai Soul Part II

      Warm up with these new winter menus around Shanghai.

      by Sophie Steiner, January 22, 2021

      3 New Winter Menus To Warm Your Shanghai Soul Part I

      Warm up with these new winter menus around Shanghai.

      by Sophie Steiner, January 22, 2021

      The Logan R. Brouse Guide to F&B's Esoteric Lexicon

      Why didn’t you just call it a Rum & Coke?

      by Logan R. Brouse, January 22, 2021

      Foldable AR Smart Glasses That Fit in Your Pocket

      A personal, private 3D viewing experience.

      by That's Shenzhen, January 22, 2021

      We're Now Offering Exclusive CNY Packages for Kid's Camp Clients

      Want to reach tens of thousands of followers with posts tailor-made to promote all that is best about your Kid's Camp?

      by That's Shanghai, January 22, 2021

      Last Chance to Join This Jing-A Beer & Taco Winter Crawl

      ?Rally the troops and warm up the weekend!

      by That's Shanghai, January 22, 2021

      Shanghai Cases Rise to 6, Downtown Area Upgraded to Medium-Risk

      The residential area of Zhaotong Lu in Huangpu district has now been classified as a medium-risk.

      by Ned Kelly, January 22, 2021

      3 New Cases in Shanghai: Downtown Areas Cordoned Off

      Outpatient services have been suspended at Renji Hospital and Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center's Xuhui.

      by Ned Kelly, January 21, 2021

      A Westin Bund Center Family Staycation is Super Fun-Packed

      Make it a more than awesome brunch.

      by Ned Kelly, January 21, 2021

      6 Foreign Teachers Receive China's COVID-19 Vaccine

      Foreign teachers discuss why they took the vaccine.

      by Rakini Bergundy, January 21, 2021

      Hear Ridiculous Dating Stories and More on This China Podcast

      From first dates to worst dates, love to lust, and everything in between, DNC discusses dating in the Middle Kingdom.

      by That's, January 21, 2021

      The 13 Best Things to Do This Weekend in Shanghai

      A list of terrific things to do!

      by That's Shanghai, January 21, 2021

      COVID-19 Strain First Detected in UK Found in 2 Beijing Patients

      Two patients in Daxing district have tested positive for the B117 strain of COVID-19, a variant first detected in UK.

      by Alistair Baker-Brian, January 21, 2021

      What Is the HSK Exam and Why You Should Take It

      Stay motivated and discover new opportunities by taking the HSK.

      by Ilya Cheremnikh, January 21, 2021

      404 Izakaya, Controlled Chaos or Just Plain Confused?

      A jazz bar vibe mixed with bland izakya food results in a never-ending dinner of slow service, too-small-to-share bites and over-charred meats.

      by Sophie Steiner, January 20, 2021

      Banana Tour's Sissi Liu Shares Her Top Destinations in Guangdong

      We reached out to Liu to learn how she got Banana Tour off the ground and get some travel recommendations.

      by Ryan Gandolfo, January 20, 2021

      This Pub Quiz Has Great Prizes and Half Price Food and Drink!

      An RMB200 voucher and three bottles of prosecco are up for grabs!

      by That's Shanghai, January 19, 2021

      Buy-One-Get-One G'Vine G&Ts at Shake's John Jam Session

      The meetup for musicians and music lovers to communicate, improvise and make new friends by the end of the night.

      by That's Shanghai, January 19, 2021

      Shanghai School News Roundup: January 2021

      What's been going on in the wonderful world of education?

      by That's Shanghai, January 19, 2021

      We Tried McDonald's Roujiamo & They Should Leave It to the Pros

      McDonald's recently released their version of the famous Shaanxi delicacy to the dismay of Chinese netizens.

      by Joshua Cawthorpe, January 19, 2021

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