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    2. Enjoy Guilt-Free Snacks with These Healthy Cookies, On Sale Now

      By That's, May 1, 2018

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      There's no such thing as too many cookies! The specialists at Shanghai-based Between Cookies know that, and that's why they've poured their heart and soul into each and every one of their delightful snacks. They use carefully selected, internationally-sourced ingredients to ensure every piece is crisp and crunchy. The founder even supervises employees in the production process to ensure fine craftmanship that meets Between Cookies' high standards. 

      Check out three of their finest offerings below, available right now on thMart

      Treat Yo Self
      Image via Giphy

      Between Cookies Double Mini Pack


      Image via thMart

      This set includes two sets of Between Cookies' round flower-shaped cookies. You'll be able to enjoy a mix of three delicious flavors: original, chocolate and matcha. These yummy snacks come packaged in special galaxy-print boxes.

      Image via thMart

      Between Cookies (Original + Matcha), 250g

      RMB79 | (Was RMB99, now 20% off)

      Image via thMart

      This mixed set includes classic original and Matcha-flavored butter cookies. Like all their other offerings, ingredients are internationally sourced with no artificial preservatives, ensuring a healthy and delightful snack. 

      Image via thMart

      Between Cookies (Salty Egg Yolk), 27 pieces


      Salted egg yolk cookies
      Image via thMart

      Between Cookies' salty egg yolk batch balances delicacy and health, with 30 percent less sugar than other cookies in the market. Each cube will delight your tastebuds with its rich creamy flavor and silky texture. No artificial preservatives, baking powder, soda and flavors added - these are the real deal. 

      Salted egg yolk
      Image via thMart

      About thMart

      thMart is a new one-stop online shopping site that lets customers buy a range of products seamlessly, from anywhere, on the go, with shipping available across China. Compatible on both desktop and mobile, customers can login through WeChat, with their mobile number or by registering directly on the platform. For business opportunities, please email us at thmart@urbanatomy.com.

      Click here to browse through thMart's catalogue of products. Extract the QR code below to follow thMart on WeChat:

      thMart on WeChat

      Top image via thMart

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