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    2. 10 Strong Statement Pieces to Welcome the Year of the Ox

      By Rakini Bergundy, February 5, 2021

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      Happy niu year, dear readers! As usual, big brands are honoring Chinese New Year with either traditional red and gold designs or abstract interpretations of the ‘spirit of the ox.’ Some products are giving us Chicago Bulls vibes… anyone else?  

      1. Dior x Stussy


      Price: RMB23,000
      Buy: Scan the QR code to purchase


      2. The North Face

      northface.jpgPrice: RMB698
      Buy: Scan the QR code to purchase


      3. Adidas


      Price: RMB899
      Buy: Scan the QR code with to purchase


      4. Apple


      Price: RMB1,999
      Buy: Scan the QR code to purchase.


      5. Burberry


      Price: RMB2,900
      Buy: Scan the QR code to purchase


      6. Dr. Martens


      Price: RMB1,299
      Buy: Scan the QR code with Taobao to purchase


      7. Lego


      Price: RMB563
      Buy: Check your local Lego retailer. 

      8. Vans


      Price: RMB599
      Buy: Scan the QR code to purchase.

      9. Nike 


      Price: RMB999
      Buy: Scan the QR code with Taobao to purchase.

      10. Vans


      Price: RMB929
      Buy: Scan the QR code to purchase.

      For more fashion news, features and lists, click here.

      [Cover image via Unsplash]

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